Terms of Tutors

Availableguru your profile visible to frequently growing visitors which in turn are students/ parents looking for a helping hand to fulfill their learning requirements.

Terms & Conditions for Tutor:

The tutor profile must contain with Tutor's latest Photograph, latest updated Resume, present residing address and valid personal Mobile number, Email ID. The Tutor warrants that his/her E-mail, Mobile Number and contact details are valid.

A tutor will not include personal email, contact numbers etc. in the field of Tutor Description, Adding contact details except specific fields is not acceptable in any condition and this kind of recurring attempt may suspend that profile.

Subscribed Tutors do not share the tuition contact details with their friends / colleagues and do not involve them to discuss with student/parents, do not invite them to the student's residence at the time of introduction / Demo class.

The tutor's mobile must be switched off at the time of tuition/demo session. Tutor do not waste time by discussing personal matters and his/her future career plans etc. with the student/parent.

If a student/parent confirmed the tutor after his/her demo session, then that tutor has to be continued if the tuition is regular at least 3-4 months and if the tuition is crash course till end of the course without breaks. ( it doesn't mean that the tutor can leave/break afterwards )

A tutor accepts full responsibility for all information published by him on the Website and shall indemnify Cityhometution.com in relation to any liability incurred by them as a result of such information.

  • A Tutor warrants that he is of at least Twenty years of age, and having necessary qualifications experience to give tutoring in the Categories/Syllabus and subjects specified by the Tutor on his/her profile. (below 20 years age of Tutors are not allowed to register).
  • Selected Categories will not changed during the Membership period, Membership amount will not refunded under any circumstances.
  • Basic Membership expires after 7 Tuition requests ( No Time Limit ), Premium Membership expires after 20 Tuition requests ( No Time Limit ).